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  • a lot's been going on with me lately, art and creative-wise, so art section is going under for a bit to be completely revamped!
  • this one's been in the works for a while. the dedicated Art Page is now up and running.
  • the credits page of the website has just gotten a lot more full. didn't make sense to have individual credits sections in all of my fanpages.
  • happy friday the 13th. in other news, added a TT:CC fanpage (that is still a little incomplete, but I promise I'll get to that last section eventually).
  • NOTICE: and we're back once more. everything is in working order.
  • NOTICE: oh jeez it's happening again. won't be disabling the functions that use audio on my site this time, so just be aware that most of them are not working.
  • NOTICE: alrighty, everything seems to be back in working order now. audio features have been re-enabled.
  • NOTICE: there seems to be some funky stuff going on with the file host I've been using, so as of right now, most audio-related features have been disabled until further notice.
  • FINALLY figured out what to do with that last box in the second fanpage. I can rest easy now (at least, for now).
  • THE SECOND FANPAGE IS UP AND RUNNING!! what I did with that third container is certainly not final though. I'll try and figure something out.
  • thinking of making a page full of music I've composed/transcribed on BeepBox. does sounds like a neat idea.
  • been doing a bunch of work on my next fanpage. almost done with it, though there's this container I have that I don't know what to do with and it's driving me up the wall.
  • also, we have a guestbook now! maybe consider signing it?
  • got an MP3 player working on the about page.
  • why not take a peak and judge my taste in music?
  • after many days of writing and tinkering, my first fanpage is now up and running!
  • I decided to have the icon meant to send you to my fanpages work like a secret switch that opens up a secret compartment. I think you'll get it once you see/click on it.
  • work on the media fanpages is going decently strong! decided to refrain from the whole hub page idea until I had more than one fanpage.
  • so once I get this first fanpage done, the favorite media icon on the homepage will redirect to that specific page.
  • I made a button to link back to this site! now available on the links page.
  • okay I lied about the media page being the next page I would work on, mainly because I realized that finishing the links page would take far less time.
  • on the bright side, links page is now working! it's a bit bare, but I'll be filling it up with more links as time goes on.
  • I swear that the next page I work on will be the media page (I sorta envision there being this hubpage first, that then leads to a bunch of other pages.
  • about page is up and running! working on this page I think really helped me gain a better understanding of flexbox.
  • next up, favorite media page! this one's probably gonna take a very long while.
  • finally got the homepage to sort of look the way I want it to look (I most definitely will end up coming back to it at some point to make more adjustments).
  • will probably start working on the about page next. get ready to learn more about yours truly!
  • got the homepage up and running (but not before prettying it up a bit).
  • got a small little stamp collection going.
  • tried my hand at making my own stamps (want to find a good place to display them/offer them to others eventually).
  • tried to liven up the place a bit with some 88x31 buttons.
  • made a credits page. you can find its link at the very bottom of this page.
  • began work on the main homepage. should be able to get basic functions working soon.
  • remodeling project began.
  • re-made "page not found" page.
  • made a splash page (just gotta decorate it more maybe).
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